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Back through the looking glass

Last time the theme was Alice in Wonderland. Packing again for book travel. Special signing pen. Hand-cuffs. Case of Slinkys. Fake James Patterson passport. The usual.

I’m off again. Or actually, I’ve been off, as I spent this past weekend at The King’s English in Salt Lake City and at the Family Literacy Symposium in Provo where I had a fabulous time. And the visit also enlarged my already GARGANTUAN LOVE FOR LIBRARIANS even more after spending time with the kindly staff in Provo who must choose and defend their book choices to a challenging community of book lovers.

Plus, a woman asked me to "ring her bell." No, not a metaphor. It was an actual bell. I signed it too.

There was also an interesting book review in the Deseret News, which featured a laundry list of all the salacious bits included in Songs of Willow Frost:

Topics include the nuns' discipline of the orphans, including tying up and whipping orphans who wet the bed. Pregnancy and abortion, gambling, exotic dancing, alcoholism, racial comments and slurs, sexual innuendos, mild swearing, prostitution and the suicide of one of William's friends at the orphanage are also discussed and detailed.

Way to go, Utah.


We interrupt this blog post to mention that I have a new short story included in THE END IS NIGH, the first book in the APOCALYPSE TRIPTYCH, edited by John Joseph Adams and Hugh Howey. The book includes SF luminaries: Paolo Bacigalupi, Elizabeth Bear, Nancy Kress, and Ken Liu.

I’m beyond thrilled to be included. Plus, since I already love history, this was a sweet opportunity to try my hand at Steampunk. (More on all this later).

We now return you to your previously scheduled blog post.


Where was I? Oh yes, packing. I’m off to Fort Myers, Florida, for the Literacy Society of Northern Trust. And then I’ll be making my third appearance in Jefferson, Texas for the Pulpwood Queens Annual Girlfriend Weekend. The theme this year: Viva Las Vegas. Hold onto your glittery headpieces, it's going to be a bumpy weekend.

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Reader Comments (1)

When will you be in Ft. Meyers? Is this event open to the public?
I'd love to attend your talk, if possible. Are you wearing the adorable costume in the photo on your blog? I hope so! LOL
January 13, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterKathy Joyce Glascott

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