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Release the Kracken!

Happy day! General admission tickets are now on sale for the WILLOW FROST kick-off event at Town Hall Seattle. Tickets are a whopping five bucks—a tuppence less than the average Seattlite spends on a sugar-free, grande soy latte. Plus, if you’re one of those socially awkward people who goes to the movie theater with a friend and then insists on a buffer seat between you, you can buy three seats for fifteen dollars and have no one invading your hyper-caffeinated space.

The original idea was to hold the event at The Moore Theatre (which appears in the book), but tickets would have been about $40, which would have included a hardback of Songs of Willow Frost. While it would have been tremendously cool to appear on the same stage once trod upon by the likes of Pearl Jam, my life insurance policy doesn't cover stage diving from the lighting rig, so it was a no-go.

In other news, Washington D.C. was a balmy 110°, which begs the questions, "Just how freaking hot does it have to be for our legislators to acknowledge that the Earth is getting hotter?" Maybe that'll come up at the next OCA convention. It was a social-awareness-enlarging experience to be among so many activists. Some were even so fervent that they were escorted from the premises. (Shout out to you, Juliet).

With fellow authors, Deanna Fei and Keith Chow, and our amazing host, Stan Lou.

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