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Tanzania Mission, Day 6: Praying to the gods of cell coverage

These posts are coming courtesy of a sliver of cell service that magically appears each evening. But...tonight's it's been slower than usual (busy Friday, perhaps). So this will be brief, but at least I'll get a few photos up.

The highglights of the day were getting lost on the Italian side of Pommern. Yes, there's an Italian side where everyone speaks Hehe, Swahili, and a bit of Italian, so we know we're lost when the children shout "ciao" as we walk by. I also got to play medical practice dummy for Leesha who tested my blood for Malaria, which was negative. I'm also not pregnant, which is a relief.

Meeting with Edward at the Mission House, which has solar lights and a generator in the evening.

BUSTED! Eating protein bars when they didn't want to eat fish.

Madi has made a ton of new friends here in Pommern

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