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Somehow I grew up and became someone's homework

I knew Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet was making its way into the classroom when I began receiving emails from high school students. They tended to say something like: "Um, Mr. Ford. I totally love your book, Motel on the Corner of Sweet and Sour. It's my favorite book. And, um, if you could just answer these twelve questions for me I'd appreciated it."

Part of the conundrum is that there are no Sparknotes for Hotel. Which isn't a bad thing, because these intrepid young minds must now actually read the book. Which quickly led to another string of emails, such as: "Wow, this is the first book I've been forced to read that didn't actually suck!" My kind of praise.

With that in mind, here are two photos from Charlotte Ann Farmer's AP English classes. These kids will rule the world one day.

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