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Off the leash

The new manuscript has officially been turned in (again). Which means I’ve been off the literary leash, or at least away from my writing desk.

The first getaway was a hike to the top of Choteau Mountain on the Rocky Mountain Front. After seven miles and 3,300 feet of elevation gain, we had to turn back a mere 40 feet from the summit. Too much exposure. To much wind. No ropes. And an unsigned life insurance policy sitting on my desk…

The second getaway was a jaunt down to Cody, Wyoming, for an event at the Park County Library. The library gig was in conjunction with this weekend’s dedication and grand opening of the Interpretive Learning Center at Heart Mountain.

A particularly stirring moment was a shared talk by former internee (and former US Transportation Secretary) Norman Mineta and retired US Senator, Alan Simpson. The two first met as 12-year-olds in 1943, when they were boy scouts—Simpson on the outside, Mineta behind barbed wire.

And while I’m playing catch up, I should mention that Latvian rights to HOTEL have just been sold. Total languages: 30. Pig Latin, anyone? 

Also, here’s a recent interview with fellow writer, Patti Murphy.

Goodnight. We’ll talk again in the morning.

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