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Google+ and other social mash-ups

I'll be hosting another Writers Hangout next Weds.Remember AOL? What about Myspace? I’m in awe of how obsessive we can be about these things and how easily they’re tossed aside like used Kleenex. That’ll never happen to Facebook, right?

Then, along came this strange thing called Google+.

I’ve been on for a week and I’m loving it so far, though I’m not sure we’ve seen what it will actually become. It feels like a set of legos and eventually someone will build something truly remarkable and we will all go, “Ohhhhh…why didn’t I think of that.” In general, it doesn’t seem like the Facebook or Twitter killer it’s purported to be. More like the Blogger killer, but Blogger was already losing steam to Facebook…

One thing I do like about Google+ is the Hangout feature—basically group video chats, which are incredibly easy to use. Think Skype with up to ten people, which would be perfect for a long-distance book group discussion—or a Writers Hangout, as proposed by author, Mary Robinette Kowal.

The idea is to break up the monotonous, cloistered, unibomber-esque workday of most writers, chat for 15 minutes, write for 45, rinse, repeat, etc. Not a bad way to get some writing done. This is one of the many reasons I like to write at the public library (and why Willie Vlautin writes at the racetrack, while drinking and betting on horses).

Oh, and I’ll be back in Seattle this weekend. Tea at the Panama Hotel. JamFest. Bon Odori. Mariners Game. Soccer hooliganism...

(Is it technically soccer hooliganism if I headbutt someone while wearing a Mariners jersey? May have to wear a tie. I want to look nice for my mugshot, bail hearing).

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