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Touchdown at the library

Where were you on Superbowl Sunday? I was at...the Seattle Central Library. Yes, months ago I agreed to an event on February 6th, not realizing I was going to end up head-to-head with that abstract pseudo-holiday dedicated to taped-knuckles and million-dollar commercials, with its 5-hour pregame show, and the copious consumption of hot-wings and guacamole. 

At first I feared it'd be one of those sparsely attended affairs—just me, the janitor, and a few of our closest friends. But to my surprise (and rapt delight) nearly 150 people showed up, not counting the hundreds of others just gettin' their library on, on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

All I can say is, God bless a literate America.

And in the evening I had another robustly-attended event, at the JCCCW (home of the oldest Japanese language school in the country). A double-header on Superbowl Sunday. All I needed was a little half-time entertainment.



Question: Do you think you will write a sequel to The Hotel On the Corner of Bitter and Sweet? I would love to read about Henry meeting up with Keiko again. Just wishing....  ;o)



Hi Gloria,

With the way HOTEL ends, it's really the start of a new story. And that story is now imagined in the minds of readers. Anything I might write would probably pale by comparison—I can only screw it up at this point. So, while I never say never, I'm saying, probably not.

But hey, that's what fan-fiction is for.

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Reader Comments (1)

That's awesome, Jamie. I wish I had been in the area, since I'd much rather be at that library than watching the pigskin contest. Sounds like it was a huge hit.

Oh, and I like how you answered the question about a sequel. While the idea of you writing a follow-up is enticing, I also love the way you left it so that the story can continue in my own head.
February 9, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterEric Stallsworth

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